Dhydra’s disruptive approach to dehydration will enable our customers to dominate the cannabis industry.

Fast, Automated, Closed Loop & Scalable Drying Technology.


Dhydra Technologies provides a scalable, on-site technology solution that enables cannabis growers to preserve more value in the crops they harvest. Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration (RLTD) dries product in under one hour and eliminates the need for curing while preserving the original potency, fragrance and presentation of the bud.

We are TRULY disrupting the cannabis landscape.

Dhydra Technologies Clean, Smart, Mobile & Revenue Generating Drying Technology

A Closed Loop System that Captures Value


Dhydra has a created a Closed Loop drying technology that preserves the cannabinoids from degradation and keeps terpene content in the bud—terpenes that are typically lost during conventional air drying. The low-boiling-point terpenes that are lifted from the bud, are retained in the system’s captured water. Growers can use this feature to recover terpenes from the captured water and monetize them in innovative ways.

Dhydra: A Unique Solution to Cannabis Drying


Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration (RLTD) works by removing moisture from cannabis bud, in a vacuum environment at low temperatures. (For example, in a low-pressure vacuum environment, (at PSIA=0.295) water boils at 18°C.) Our unique technology, featuring low temperatures, fast processing, no light exposure and very-low-oxygen means that we ‘pamper your plants’. RLTD preserves THC, CBD and terpene content while yielding product that is both shelf-stable and sale-ready or ideal for extraction.

Dhydra provides an on-site, scalable technology service.


Dhydra’s RLTD solution is practical and efficiently sized. The Kraken series takes up significantly less space than traditional drying, eliminating the need for expensive, large-footprint drying rooms. The Dhydra solution saves time and money while providing odor mitigation and superior product outcomes.

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Dhydra Technologies - 3 chamber Kraken90
Dhydra’s Technology is Clean Technology.

All the plant touching materials in the Kraken series are food grade standard while our automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) cleaning and sanitizing system keeps each unit hygienic and ready for daily use. Dhydra specifies a Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) cleaning and sanitizing method for the trays. Properly cleaned trays can be used indefinitely. Energy costs of RLTD are generally lower than traditional drying methods.

PwC: “For long-term success, cannabis companies need to adopt technology as a critical capability"

“While cannabis companies expanded rapidly, pouring resources into a broad set of actions, few have made sufficient investments in technology as a core strategic initiative aligned to their capabilities. As discussed in chapter 3 of this series, a business’ competitive position depends on these high-performance capabilities–processes, tools, knowledge, skills and behaviours that rivals can’t match–and the ability to leverage them in pursuit of strategic paths. Having the right technology as part of its capabilities is essential for a company’s success. Unfortunately, much of the technology used by cannabis operators today is rudimentary, unscalable and unsustainable.”

From: PwC Canada's cannabis series, Chapter 4 -Technology: The missing link

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