Dhydra’s disruptive approach to dehydration will enable our customers to dominate the cannabis industry.

Industry Leading Support


At Dhydra Technologies, we take pride in our worry-free, RLTD technology and our customer-first service, backed by our quality guarantee. Superior customer care begins at the discovery phase, continues with configuration, delivery, installation and commissioning of the Kraken unit and is all tied together by state-of-the-art remote support technology after we train your staff.

Client-Site Operations
Paired with Remote Monitoring and Support


Our goal is to keep your drying operations running smoothly—at your site—without interruptions. We have two approaches for achieving this goal:

You will be able to run the machine(s) without any technical expertise. Switching from one type of product being dried to another will not require specialized understanding or experience.  Operation of the system is managed via a Human Machine Interface (HMI), or a mobile device enabling simple, quick and effortless start-stop operation.

  • We use high-quality components and build high-quality products. Our systems are built with engineering redundancies, enabling them to operate un-interrupted, even with a failed component.
  • Remote Monitoring: The Kraken systems include remote monitoring, providing you with an extra level of care. Our team will monitor production data in real-time, suggest modifications when appropriate and provide new recipes (new drying algorithms) as needed. As the system monitors individual components and does general troubleshooting, customers will receive timely notification of maintenance requirements, often prior to—or immediately after—encountering a problem.

Your staff can operate the menu-driven Kraken systems with minimal training and without any technical expertise. Starting, stopping and switching strains is accomplished by a menu choice on a Human Machine Interface (HMI), enabling simple, quick operations.

On-Site Operations with Remote Monitoring and Support
  • System Upgrades & Updates

    System Upgrades & Updates


    DHydra PartsDhydra remotely monitors and analyzes your production process and can make real-time recommendations to improve outcomes. We can also create new recipes (algorithms) to dry new strains or product types and respond to other customer requests via our remote interface.

    Adequate notice will be provided for major upgrades—if they are required—and we will do our best to accommodate your harvest schedule and not interrupt production.