Dhydra’s disruptive approach to dehydration will enable our customers to dominate the cannabis industry.

Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration: It's all about control

The Story


In 2009 we formed a research company to invent and implement a vacuum-based dehydration process for plant materials. Nine years later we conducted a successful pilot of our process for a tier-one, licensed cannabis producer—a Canadian LP with global reach. The successful pilot was quickly followed by the sale of our first license to the same LP, and we installed a Kraken system at one of their facilities. We have since sold multiple licenses for use of the Kraken systems, experiencing a very successful market entry!

How it Works


The Dhydra Kraken systems are large chambers, approximately 20 to 30 feet long. They accommodate food-grade trays that contain wet bud. The trays are fed into and removed from the chambers in a continuous automated process that can be run for up to 20 hours per day. We lower the pressure and create a vacuum inside the chambers. This allows the water in the bud to become vapor (‘boil’) at slightly above room temperatures when we apply low-temperature heating, in a patent-protected and strictly controlled manner. We gently lift the moisture from the plant material without negatively impacting the cannabinoids while preserving much of the terpene content in the bud. By heating and removing the moisture in minutes, under very-low-oxygen, dark conditions, RLTD preserves the trichomes. When some of the more volatile terpenes are lifted, our Closed Loop technology can recover these terpenes from the captured water.

RLTD technology precisely directs low-temperature heating into tightly defined regions in the product trays. Rather than creating ‘standing hot spots’, we control the traveling waves of energy and apply them evenly. The buds ‘ability to dry’ is matched with energy-input and prevents overheating.

How it Works for Your Company


Your staff can operate the menu-driven Kraken systems with minimal training and without any technical expertise. Starting, stopping and switching strains is accomplished by a menu choice on a Human Machine Interface (HMI), enabling simple, quick operations.

Dhydra remotely monitors and analyzes your production process and can make real-time recommendations to improve outcomes. We can also create new recipes (algorithms) to dry new strains or product types and respond to other customer requests via our remote interface.

Key Features

  • Scalable solutions for industrial growers.
  • From trim-room to shelf-stable product in under one hour.
  • Freed-up space + saved time = lower costs.
  • Closed loop system preserves or captures all terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • RLTD product supports faster oil extraction.
  • Rapid reduction of water activity stops proliferation of bacterial or mold contamination.
  • Odor mitigation during processing.
  • Preserves the color, fragrance and presentation of the bud.