Dhydra’s disruptive approach to dehydration will enable our customers to dominate the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Drying with Dhydra's Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration Technology


Dhydra Technologies has revolutionized cannabis drying and processing by providing the industry with the capability to dry large amount of product in record times. From cut to dry (<10%) in under an hour Dhydra’s solution can provide the owner with a fully cured product ready for packaging and distribution. Able to process 150lbs or more per hour Dhydra is changing the cannabis landscape.

How it Works


By lowering the pressure (creating a vacuum) allows the water in the product to “boil” (water becomes vapour) at low temperatures (room temperature). Dhydra's Disruptive Technology applies low thermal energy in a strictly controlled manner to generate water vapour without heating the plants nutrients or other valuable attributes.

By heating the water rather than the plants' nutrients and attributes, Dhydra can provide a superior output, including improved flavour and texture, while preserving the plants' attributes. This also allows for maximum Oil extraction yields.

One of our advantages is how we control the energy into tightly defined regions. Rather than standing hot spots, Dhydra controls the traveling waves of energy allowing them to be applied evenly. This allows the energy levels to be matched to the plants' ability to dry. Therefore, in a rapid low thermal processing dehydrator, the energy levels can be controlled throughout the drying process and prevent the hemp plant from overheating.

Cannabis Drying
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