Dhydra’s disruptive approach to dehydration will enable our customers to dominate the cannabis industry.

Dhydra’s RLTD: Designed for Industrial-Scale Cannabis Growers


Is drying and curing cannabis bud, one of your biggest quality assurance challenges? Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration is a consistent, repeatable, scientific and disruptive approach to drying cannabis that will propel our customers to the head of the pack. From trim-room to shelf-stable in under one hour, Dhydra’s solution provides growers with technology to reduce their time and costs while producing great product that their customers will enthusiastically embrace. 

Drying Applications

Dhydra Vacuum Microwave Drying

Dhydra's Disruptive Technology

  • Rapid dehydration at low temperatures.
  • Continuous flow, up to 20 hours per day.
  • Increases production capacity.
  • Reduces production-time by days or weeks.
  • Easy to operate & maintain. Auto cleaning.
  • Odor mitigation. No curing required.
  • Preserves THC, CBD and terpene content.
  • Dries bud evenly. (No moist core/dry shell outcomes.)
  • Increased oil yield and reduced oxidation.
  • Reliable equipment & real time support.
  • Low capital costs, low operational costs.
  • Scalable solutions for industrial clients.
  • Built with food grade standard materials.
Dhydra Technologies - 3 chamber Kraken90